I am Gerrit Hugo (Harro) van Heuvelen, a PhD candidate at Erasmus University and Tinbergen Institute, under supervision of prof. Jean-Marie Viaene. My research interests include International Economics (Trade), Applied Economics,  Econometrics, Development Economics and Macroeconomics. Prior to my Ph.D. I obtained a Master’s in Economics and a Master’s in Econometrics. I enjoy combining both fields in my research.

My Ph.D. thesis focuses on international trade and the economic development of the Philippines. The Philippines is a country that is often said to be stuck in the Middle-Income country trap. Middle-Income country trap is a term given to the phenomenon that countries that have been dubbed Middle-Income have a hard time moving up to the highest income group. Using a new firm level panel dataset that the author has created in the Philippines with the help of the Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA) the thesis makes novel contributions to the trade literature.  In the process answering questions related to the economic development of the Philippines.

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